Hi, I’m Andy!


Thank you so much for popping by and checking out my work! It’s tough to get to know someone over a website, and my favorite thing about people is their in-person interactions and picking up on their interesting idiosyncrasies that make you who you are. That being said, we’re stuck to text until we meet, so here are some fun bits of information about myself:

I love to travel. Hands down my favorite thing in the world to do. Rock climbing, skiing, sailing, diving/snorkeling and all that stuff are parts of my life, too, but going to far off places and experiencing new cultures is what makes me feel the most alive. Maybe that’s why I love weddings so much, it’s such a wonderful immersion into a couple’s world; their personal passions, their family, their way of living life. New things and new people are awesome.


On November 2014, after shooting weddings for about 8 years, I left the US to go explore. I sold pretty much everything I owned except for a backpack, my camera, and a bit of the necessities that come with living out of hotels, hostels, and wherever I’d find myself. It would be about 7 months before I would return to Seattle (though much sooner than I had anticipated). My journey started in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and I continued south. In a little Belizean bar, I met a guy called Carlos who needed a hand getting his sailboat from Belize to Guatemala. The next 6 weeks were filled with clear blue waters and darting between the islands that speckle the caribbean waters of Central America. Upon arrival in Guatemala, a nearby volcano was erupting, causing a mess for air traffic and drama in the nearby towns. A guide, and 4000m of hiking up ash, I found myself at the summit of an adjacent volcano where I captured an eruption of Volcano Fuego under the night stars. This moment is one of those that defines my reason for adventure. The next couple months I made my way south across more beautiful and lush jungle-filled countries. Colombia would be the last country in that trip. I just assume the coffee their reminded me too much of home, so I had to come back 😉


This last winter/spring I met back up with Carlos to help sail from Honduras to Panama. Our trip would leave us stranded in the bay between the two small islands of Isla Providencia and Santa Catalina. The logo on my site is a topographic representation of those two islands (in case you were wondering what the heck my logo was, haha). There I spent the few weeks making friends with and photographing the fisherman of the island and their underwater spearfishing.

Honestly, there’s so many stories and so many people that have made the experiences of my life possible. Without those people, I wouldn’t have the passion to capture unique stories and love, and capturing moments of true love and joy is exactly why I love weddings. So I’m back, and eager as ever to make new stories, and new adventures, either here in Seattle with you, or anywhere I may be swept away to. So let’s go have an adventure, and also, let’s go have a cup of coffee and chat about you, because that sounds way more interesting than talking about myself.

I can’t wait to meet you!

My approach: I’m all about sharing your day with huge smiles, a lighthearted and fun energy, and a professionalism that’ll really make you feel at ease and comfortable for those gorgeous portraits.

Three Words to describe me: Silly, Adventurous, Focused

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